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Automotive companies worldwide have cometo rely upon HONYONE reliable, high-performance, high-quality switches topower their innovative applications and designs. Features such as tight producttolerances, haptic-on-demand, acoustical adaptation, environmental &process sealing and mechanical or electrical interface integration are the corevalsues of automotive switching – and HONYONE is known for successfullydelivering these to customers for more than 20 years.


 HONYONE automotive switch portfolioincludes four key areas: Interior Controls,including middle consoles and steering, seat or overhead controls; Access Management,covering keyfobs, latches and handles; Powertrain and WireFunctions, which include electronic parking breaks and gear or parkshifters; and Interior Detection,including sun visor, glove box and seat belt switches.

The company’s history of reliability andunmatched custom design capabilities make HONYONE the only choice for switchesthat can both withstand the harsh environment that modern vehicles representand provide a strong foundation for design success.


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